The miracle of peridot stone

Published: 19th September 2011
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Jewelry has become an integral part of human beings, especially for women. Not only to beautify can the appearance, but the sheen of light emitted be an inspiration for life around. You can understand the jewelry world deeply and feel the benefits for the beauty of your life.
Peridot is one of the few gemstones that have one color: olive green. This stone comes from the "olivine" mineral, one of the oldest stones known by human, and it is the only stone found in meteorites. The intensity of green color often depends on how much the iron content in the crystal structure, so the color of peridot stones can vary from yellow green, olive green, brown green. The most searched peridot is a dark olive green.
Peridot stone, including stone that is not too hard and can crack if it's bumped. But this stone is suitable used as jewelry for daily use in casual or formal event and one reason is because peridot stone is not too heavy. Peridot stone is the birthstone of August. Many celebrities wear the peridot jewelry to beautify the appearance and as a symbol of luxury.
There are many beliefs about the benefits of this stone. Peridot stone is believed by some people that this stone has a great influence for our lives. Peridot stone is used as a "hockey" stone or stone of luck. Beside that, this stone is also used to remove negative energy, can cure asthma, bringing serenity and peace to the owner and accelerate eliminating a disease if drinking the water that has been dipped by peridot stones.
Peridot is believed to make one's dreams can come true. There is a legend said that at the ancient times, pirates love peridot because it protects them from the power of darkness / demons. When peridot is combined with gold so become a peridot jewelry, it is said will protect the wearer from terrors in the middle of the night. For health, peridot helps the function of adrenal glands, providing an energy balance and helping the relaxation of people who too often experience emotional tension / stress.
You can get various benefits by wearing peridot jewelry. Beside can be used to beautify our appearance, peridot can also become our jewelry collections that have a high value. Although all of the trust inherent in the peridot is not necessarily true, at least you'll feel good while wearing this unique and rare jewelry.
At least, by wearing peridot every day, then you will be able to understand more about the uniqueness of the stones in the universe. No human could make it. Everything is presented simply in the nature, so that we can use to beautify our appearance and for other needs. With all these miracles, we should be grateful for all these uniqueness of the stones and the universe as a perfect masterpiece.

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